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By Isaac Mugunda & Tito Monako

We are looking for instrumentalists (guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, percussionists and drummers) to join our 12-week band coaching program.

During the weekly 2-hour band coaching sessions, the coaches will work with the band on different styles and genres with topics such as arrangement, riffs & solos, groove and working/performing with singers.

Our band coaches are Tito Monako and Isaac Mugunda have over 15 years of experience touring the world as session musicians for top artists from East Africa and beyond such as Sauti Sol, Alaine, Octopizzo and Eric Wainaina. 

We will have auditions on the 24th of August 2019 at the Nakipo Studios (Bihi Towers) from 1pm-4pm. The auditions are free of charge. Those selected for the band coaching program will pay a fee of Ksh 12,000 per term (12 weeks) during which they have a weekly 2-hr session with band and coach, and in the second half of the term they will be requested to rehearse for the end of term concert with the Sauti Academy singers from the Artist Development Program.

Coaching sessions are taking place on Mondays. Time and location will be confirmed.

We will make sure to provide exposure to the professional industry and you will have the opportunity to attend a selected number of rehearsals with professional artists - to watch Tito and Isaac rehearse and perform.

Here are the requirements to join the program:

Guitarists & Pianists

-able to play all major/minor chords and 7 chords/suspended chords

-basic understanding of scales/progressions

-able to play a simple solo


-basic understanding of scales/progressions

-able to hold a simple groove

-basic knowledge of the notes on the bass guitar

Percussionists & drummers

-able to create & hold an appropriate groove

-able to play different styles and patterns