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Shalom House, St Daniel Comboni Rd, Nairobi, Kenya


For Kenya's most talented and ambitious singers (18+)


For singers with professional ambitions, we have developed this 15-month Artist Development program. Sauti Academy will help you develop your musicality, your voice technique, performance and song writing skills as well as introduce you to the world of Music Business and DIY Artist Management. In our uniquely developed "Chords & Progressions on the Piano" you will be able to compose your music and play the piano while you sing.

Curriculum Outline

During your studies at Sauti Academy, you will pass through 4 different levels. Each level lasts for 4 months and has its own  topics.

Each level will be closed with an exam, which includes your attendance record, attitude as well as a practical test on skills learned. We will then evaluate your progress and decide whether you can continue your studies or repeat the term.

Here are some of the topics we will work on during the program:

*Developing musicality through ear training & performing alongside live instrumentalists

*Foundation course in voice technique

*Foundation course in music interpretation & performance

*Introduction to the concept of ‘Musical Identity’; what works for your voice? Who are you as a singer?

*Music interpretation & Performance

*Introduction to ‘Performance Identity’

*Music theory: time signatures, bars, chords & writing lead sheets

*Career planning: how to start working towards realising your dreams

*Song writing, song arrangement with a band and performance

*Lyric writing

*Dealing with writers block

*Creating melodies

*Exploring genres

*Writing songs for other Artists

*Musical Identity in Song Writing

*Music arrangement of original songs with a Live Band

*introduction to recording in studio

*selected students will record a demo

*DIY Artist Management Course including:

-Goal setting & achievement

-Career planning

-Self-Management in the Music Industry

-Understanding the players in the Industry

-An introduction to Contracts

-Event organizing; graduation concert

-Managing your own Band

*Developing a 15min showcase with your own Band for graduation

*Band arrangement & Rehearsals

*Performance: Your Unique Musical Identity on Stage

Auditions (click for requirements) will be happening on the 4th of January 2020, from 9.30am (first come first served) at our office at Shalom House, St Daniel Comboni Road (off Ngong road).

Program duration: 4 terms

Program cost: Ksh 35,000 per term